IJHS Football Having Successful Season

BY GABI ISENBERG AND GIANNA BOYER – The 2021 IJHS football season is about two months in. Players and coaches are giving their all in order to bring Indiana victory. The team is engaged in many challenges as they are playing on the field. 

Jackson Albert (8), running back and linebacker said, “I have gotten injured. I tore a tendon in my knee.” Injuries are a setback for many players because they have to take time to heal and recover. Mr. Duffee, the team’s coach said,  “Well when somebody gets hurt…the person behind them has to step in and do their job. The person who is backing someone up has to be prepared and ready to go.”

Players are very motivated this year, largely due to the influences in their lives. Having positive influences for our players is important as they strive to be their best. Zach Brewer (8), stated that his dad has been a big influencer for him because he wants to make him proud. When asked who her main influencer is, Laila Clifford (7) said, “My brother.” Laila is also the only girl on the football team, bringing a new set of challenges to her game.

Football has also created many enjoyable memories other than winning. Michael Zimmerman (8) stated that “the bus rides” were a memorable experience for him. Levi Porter (8) said, “playing pee-wee football” was one of his favorite memories. 

Football is America’s number one favorite sport and it is a big honor for IJHS to be part of the game. The team’s last game is October 27th. Make IJHS proud, t

Cross Country Team Rambles On

By GRACIE REED – The boys and girls Cross Country teams hosted McKeesport and Norwin on Tuesday, September 28, 2021. The girls defeated McKeesport but lost to Norwin, and the boys also fell to Norwin.  Chloe Hain finished 3rd overall for the girls with a time of 12:47 and Addison Fry finished 5th overall for the girls with a time of 12:53.  Kaiden Branan finished 3rd overall for the boys with a time of 11:56. These three all scored points for their team including the other top six girls boys from Indiana. 

¨The trail was muddy and there was one hard hill,¨ said Lily Manzi who is on the girl’s Cross Country Team. The trail, or track, is 1.8 miles long and is located by the S&T Bank Arena. This was the teams last home meet, but they will continue to run elsewhere until the season is over.

¨The people are what made me want to join,¨ said Chloe Hain. Kaiden Branan joined because he has been running from a young age. Kaiden has been running Cross Country for 1 year while Chloe has for 2. They both love running but Chloe doesn’t particularly like competing. They both plan on continuing to run throughout the coming years.

Good job to everyone who competed at the meet and good luck to the team at the rest of the meets of the season!