Commemorating the Life and Legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

by Addison Porter

Most people know who Martin Luther King Jr. is and why there is a holiday dedicated to him, but most people don’t know about his past and what led up to his decision to be a civil rights activist. He was born in Atlanta,Georgia in 1929, into a middle class family. His childhood was influenced by his well educated parents, and generations of ancestors who were pastors. His family lived on Auburn Avenue, also known as “Sweet Auburn,” the bustling “Black Wall Street”. This area was one of the most prosperous and largest black businesses and churches before the civil rights movement. 

When King was around 6 years old, he experienced segregation.. Some of King’s white friends said they weren’t allowed to play with him anymore because they were about to go to segregated schools. This was one of his first experiences with segregation. After graduating high school at age 15, King went to Morehouse College in Atlanta in 1944. Before he went to college he spent his summer on a tobacco farm in Connecticut where race wasn’t an issue like it was in the South. His experience in his job made him realize how much could change for the South.

King’s beliefs would lead to his boycott of the bus system in Montgomery,Alabama in 1955. Along with other civil rights activists, including Rosa Parks, King led a boycott of the bus company because of their policy that required black people give up their seats to white people and then stand or sit in the back of the bus. 

In 1957 he was elected the president of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC), which was dedicated to non-violent protests against racial segregation. In 1963 he was a part of the “March on Washington ” which drew more than 250,000 people to the National Mall. This protest was where he delivered the famous “I Have a Dream Speech”. 

Crimson Arrow Scavenger Hunt!

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______________  1.) What was the goat’s name in the article, Mrs.Stubbe Adopts A Goat?
______________ 2.) How much does ice skating sessions cost in the article, Tis The Season For Ice Skating? 

______________ 3.) For how long did Mrs Mitsko teach in the article, Broken Leg Leads to Broken hearts?

 ______________ 4.) What was the challenge that made our protectors, destroyers? (from the article, Protectors become Destroyers)

_______________5.) What were the date(s) of the performances of The Alice In The Wonderland Through The Looking Glass article?

______________6.) What date did Eisenhower catch fire in  the article Eisenhower Relocates To IJHS?  

______________  7.) What is Finley Stewart’s favorite song to play with her saxophone from the article, Let’s Make Some Noise?

______________ 8.) What is one way that animals can lower your stress level in the article, The Answer of Why We Have Pets?

______________ 9.) What was the name of the YMCA’s Halloween party in the article Bored for halloween? What to do to celebrate in Indiana, PA?

______________ 10.) Did girls like books or movies better in the article Books or Movies?

Christmas and Hanukkah Traditions

By Jackson Matty

December 3, 2021

When students think of Christmas or Hanukkah they often think of presents, food, and family. However, what many students don’t really think of are the other yearly traditions that take place during these holiday seasons.

Most people are familiar with Christmas.  Christmas was not always celebrated in the past. According to Metro.com, “The first recorded incidence of Christmas being celebrated actually dates all the way back to the Roman Empire in 336, during the time of the Roman Emperor Constantine.” Christmas wasn’t declared a United States federal holiday until June 26th, 1870. After that, Christmas became more celebrated, and now is the most popular holiday. 

Traditions for Christmas can range from many things, including traveling to a relative’s house or eating a certain food  Andrew Russell (6) shared what he and his family do on Christmas. “Every morning after we open presents, my family makes a big breakfast.  We each get assigned a food to make, and we have to make the food that we get assigned.” 

Emelia Campisano (8)  shared what she and her family do on Christmas. ¨My family and I tend to spend more time together during the holidays. Our biggest tradition is drinking hot cocoa while watching The Polar Express!¨

Another commonly celebrated holiday is Hanukkah. Also known as the “festival of lights,”  Hanukkah is a Jewish holiday which celebrates the victory of the Maccabees over the larger Syrian army. Hanukkah also celebrates what is considered to be a miracle: after the victory just a day’s supply of oil allowed the menorah in the rededicated Temple in Jerusalem to stay lit for eight days.

As for how Hanukkah is celebrated, the most common tradition is lighting the commemorative menorah. The first night, two candles are lit. Over the next seven days, a candle is lit each day until all eight candles are lit. Another common Hanukkah tradition is that all Hanukkah foods are fried in oil. Potato pancakes and jam-filled donuts are common to eat during this time.

Books or Movies

By Sydney Anderson

December 3, 2021

Books and movies are both fun ways to cry, love, embrace, and care about people that don’t even exist. Authors and directors can do things to make the readers or viewers feel truly a part of the scene. However, people always have a preference. 

Books are a great way to picture the characters and scenes while movies give you an actual visual of what’s going on. Most people prefer movies, due to the fact that reading takes more time. Others enjoy the silent pleasure of reading to themselves with the cliffhangers at each chapter.

 Out of all the people interviewed, most girls preferred the books while most boys preferred the movies. Girls claim that they enjoy taking the time to relax and read while picturing the images in their head. Boys stated that reading takes too much time and that they’d rather just watch a movie in two hours. They also said that reading can be boring if people do it for too long while girls said that although reading takes longer, it’s always more descriptive and intriguing. 

Ali Genchur (8), said, “Books, usually. Because sometimes, in the five percent, movies can be better than books.” She claims that in some cases, movies can be better than books.

Oliver John (8) said, “Movies, because movies are better than books.” He later claimed that books can be boring after too long.  

Reading can be lots of fun with imagination, however it does take time. Some people prefer the way of watching and observing a movie in about two hours. Usually, the book is more popular, but that’s not always the case. Out of the five people interviewed, three said they preferred books to movies. Next time someone sits on the couch and decides to watch a movie or read a book, maybe think about watching or reading something that correlates with the movie or book.

The Answer of Why We Have Pets

By: Ellie Coleman and Andrew Russel

November 22, 2021

Many people own animals, and think they are cute. What is the point of keeping them? This question ponders through many peoples’ heads. Is it just because they are cute? The answer is no, animals are very intelligent, can help a person’s health and some have a strong scent and can save your life.

Health benefits can come from having a pet. Animals are a great way to keep stress down. Actually, when a person touches an animal a stress related hormone is shown to decrease the level of stress. In fact when a person pets an animal their blood pressure lowers which makes them  calm. If somebody has trouble exercising they might want a dog because they need to get exercise and  will be reminded to go play with them or go for a walk.

Animals also are very smart, and they can work. Jobs that animals might do is to be in the military, coal mine, a catcher of mice or other rodents, and an aid to help people. Dogs are often used for these jobs, especially working in the military. This is because dogs have great senses like smell. Dogs are not the only military animals, they also train dolphins. Yes that is right, the U.S Navy is using dolphins to help them fight for peace. Animals also can save somebody’s life who has heart attacks, diabetes, or another thing like anxiety. 

Children are being helped by animals. Research shows that kids with ADHD in school when a dog is in their classroom focus better. Another research study says that kids who have autism spectrum disorder were calmer when they were playing with a class hamster. Even taking care of a goldfish has shown signs of helping some kids. Pets can help kids have a best friend. Children can tell secrets to their pet and also help them make other friends by sharing about their pet.

Lots of people mistaken the beliefs that pets could be dangerous to their family and home, but this is simply not true. Pets that are trained right will be well behaved. Give lots of affection, pets will love it and stick with their owners. Pets that are deemed dangerous are often given up. There are over 70 mil stray dogs and cats just in the U.S alone. 

In conclusion, pets are cute,but there is more to animals than meets the eyes. Animals are intelligent, and can be taught many things.  Animals can save people, help people, and give someone better health or a friend.

Mrs. Stubbe’s Class Adopts A Goat


November 10, 2021

Mrs.Stubbe’s class recently “adopted” a pet! No, it’s not in this school or at her home. In fact,  it lives in California. The goat’s name is Esperanza.  Mrs. Stubbe’s students go on a Google Meet with the goat every week. The goat doesn’t use a computer, and it can’t talk, but all of the students love and cherish Esperanza.

According to Mrs. Stubbe the class found out about the goat when “my student teacher found this website where you can adopt a virtual pet. She thought that it could be very neat to do that.”  Mrs. Stubbe saw that the animals all have disabilities and she thought it would be cool to adopt one.

Esperanza has no legs–well she has fake legs. While the class did “buy” the goat,  there are people that take care of all the pets. The class pays for the food and shelter at Charlie’s Acres in Sonoma, California.  Esperanza is very happy, healthy, and well fed. Esperanza is very playful and loving, and even without legs she  runs really fast. Just because she doesn’t have his two real legs, it doesn’t affect her life in any negative way. 

One Fun Fact is that Esperanza means “ Hope” in English. Mrs. Stubbe reported that the experience has helped her students’ learning in animals. While many of us want a goat,  most of us can’t have one. Esperanza the “online pet” may be the next best thing!

Ceramics Club to Class


October 29, 2021

During the pandemic clubs and classes have not been able to do what has been done in the past.  As conditions change, it is very exciting to have some of them starting again. One club that has changed is the Ceramics Club.  The club is now a class and it is an important and evolving curricular program. This year there are 10 students that have joined. Students work in their grade levels and create new projects and learn more about the pottery wheels. The students’ art work from Ceramics Class will be shown in the display case near the front office and in the display case near the cafeteria. 

The sixth graders are sculpting an art piece that involves their first names, initials and a country’s culture. The seventh graders are making a container out of clay that looks like a specific dessert. Some of the eighth graders are currently working on a necklace if they choose. 

Ceramics teacher  Mrs.Weber really wants students to use and learn about the wheel, Sarah Gencher said her favorite part of using the pottery wheel is “the ability just to create things.”

After some changes and adjustments, everyone is excited for the class and what they will achieve. Mrs.Weber is excited that she is able to give students who are invested in art something else to work on and improve their skills. Mia Malobisky, Lauren Watkins, and Aubrey Simms are all excited for future projects. According to Mrs. Weber, however,  the most

Tis the Season for Skating

October 29, 2021


Looking for something to do on the weekends? Indiana is fortunate to have a local ice skating rink.  As the weather gets colder, ice skating is a fun and affordable activity that anyone can do.

Learning to ice skate is relatively easy but often involves some falling! Experienced skaters warn that while it is easy to get used to, new skaters may find that falling might hurt a bit. S & T Arena does water the rink a lot so it is easier for beginners. Watering the rink means that they make it extra icey so skaters can get around easier. Most students seem to  prefer ice skating at night. 

Ice skating sessions cost $9.00 with skate rental, $6.00 without skate rental, and there is also a $30.00 group rate for up to six people. Weekday skates on Tuesday and Thursday are $3.00 including skate rental. Special events, such as Cosmic Skate on Saturday nights are $10.00. Most people find that  afforadble. Many students  said that figure skates are easier to skate in because they are thinner and have a smoother blade. Bundling up may be a good idea – it gets cold in there! 

So whether you are an experienced skater or new to the sport, skating is affordable and a lot of fun!

Broken Leg Leads to  Broken Hearts


October 29, 2021

Something is missing at Indiana Junior High.  After 31 years (not counting her three years as a student), long-time English teacher and recent librarian Mrs. Jeanne Mitsko retired at the end of the summer.  Mrs. Mitsko taught all levels of English from 6th to 8th grade as well as serving as the Junior High librarian and Student Council Advisor for her last two years.

One factor that contributed to her decision to retire was that Mrs. Mitsko broke her leg at a family reunion by slipping in wet grass.  After being in a cast for a couple of months, she is finally beginning to walk and do physical therapy. 

Mrs. Mitsko said that, among other factors, she was concerned that it would be hard to get around the school so she decided to retire.  

Unfortunately, Mrs. Mitsko is still doing paperwork at home, so she feels like she’s not technically retired. However, she also mentioned that she is feeling better and still reads daily. She misses her friends and students at school, yet she enjoys the free time she has at home. 

Mrs. Mitsko is missed by both her students and her fellow teachers and staff.  Students said they loved Mrs. Mitsko because she was positive, funny, and she had lots of snacks.  Fellow English teacher Mrs. Dongilla said, “I miss her compassion, her guidance, and her sense of humor.  She was very hard working and very kind.”  Best wishes to Mrs. Mitsko for a speedy recovery and happy retirement!

Student Check In

By Connor Fleming and Kate McKelvy

October 15, 2021

Students have a lot on their minds and a lot of things going on in their lives. Everyone likes different things, and knows different people. The Crimson Arrow surveyed students around the school to get their views on a variety of topics, such as goals for the year and  activities in which they were involved.

Destiny Gribsaw, 7th grade,  said that one of her biggest goals is to make more friends. She is involved in  karate, which is not  a very common sport. Outside of school she likes to paint. 

Seventh grader Ellie Clark said that one of her biggest goals is to get good grades.  One of the sports she is involved in is swimming. Outside of school she likes to draw  cats, while she uses her cat as a model! 

Lilli Fleming, 8th grade, said that she has started to crochet an afghan for her grandmother and her goal is to  finish it by winter. At this  time she is not involved in any sports because of a dirt bike wreck earlier this  summer. She can play multiple instruments and loves to sing.

 8th grader Taylor Rowe said that one of her goals was to get all As this year.  One of the sports she is involved in is softball. One of the things she really likes to do outside of school is practicing softball in her backyard.

Bored for Halloween? What to do to celebrate in Indiana, PA

By: Liam Hunter

October 15, 2021

Did you know that there are many different things you can do to celebrate Halloween that are close to home? Check out the following Halloween-themed activities and cool attractions– all within an hour drive of Indiana!. 

To start us off,  the YMCA of Indiana County will host their annual POOL-A-WEEN event. There will be swimming for pumpkins and candy along with “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” playing on the big screen in the pool area. There will also be many other spooky activities, including painting pumpkins. The event is on October 30th from 1 to 3:30. 

Another common activity to Halloween is a corn maze. Brooks Farm has a haunted corn maze at 1004 Brooks Farm Road, Punxsutawney, PA (15767). The corn-maze runs on October 22nd, 23rd, the 29th, and 30th. On each of these days it will be held from 7pm to 11pm. 

Another spooky maze is at Scary Harry’s. In 2018 and 2019, Scary Harry’s was voted #5 in Pennsylvania for being a must-see haunt by thescarefactor.com  At Scary Harry’s there is a haunted trail where spooky things may pop out, scare, or frighten people. Scary Harry’s haunted trail is located on 1703 Pierce Road in Homer City, PA (15748) The spooky trail is open Friday through Sunday. Friday and Saturday gates open at 7:00 pm and close at 11:00 pm. On Sundays gates open at 7 pm and close at 9:30 pm. Also a reminder that to go to Scary Harry’s a person MUST be 18 or be accompanied by an adult. 

Also a common thing that students at IJHS do is go skating! The S&T Arena in Indiana, will be hosting a free skate on Halloween. They will also have some spooky music to listen to while you’re skating. People who wear a costume pay only $3. This $3 price also includes skating rentals if needed. This skating event will be held on Halloween (October 31st) from 1 pm to 3pm. The S&T Arena is at 497 East Pike Road in Indiana, PA (15701). 

Halloween is such a fun time for kids so if you live in Indiana, PA go out and have an amazing time at one of these spooky events!

Fall Play: Alice in Wonderland Through the Looking Glass

By Jane Stubbe and Emma Palmer

October 15, 2021

Some readers might be asking when is the play? How many people are in the cast? Who is the main character? The Crimson Arrow has answers. 

The dates of the production are November 6th and 7th, 2021.  On Saturday the 6th the play will run at 7 pm, and on Sunday the 7th, the play will run at 5 pm. Twenty-seven IJHS students are involved in the play.  As for who the main character is to be played by, the answer to that one is, drumroll please . . . Madison Jablunovsky!

“The thing I’m most excited for is to perform and have fun with my friends while doing it,” Jablunovsky says. When asked if she has ever been in a production at the Junior High before, she answers, “No, but I have been in other schools.”

Mrs. Kessel is the Junior High’s brand new play director. “The thing I’m most excited for is to meet lots of new people and share the really cool story of Alice in Wonderland with the school and community,” she told us. Mrs. Kessel says that she just graduated with a theater degree and she has directed many plays there, but she also has done even more plays at the high school in Ebensburg. She then went on to tell us, “I’ve directed lots of high school plays before, but never any middle school, so this will be my first time.” Mrs. Kessel also added that she is also excited because she thinks that our school has an amazing auditorium that she is very eager to use. 

Oliver John, the stage manager, said that  he is most excited to help backstage with everything that needs to be done. Oliver also told us that he enjoys being backstage more than onstage.

So, if you are looking for something fun to do with your family on November 6th or 7th, and even if you aren’t, come to this fun school event. Everyone involved in this play is working hard to make this an amazing production for the school and community. 

Seasons Bring Transitions and Change

by Addison Porter

October 15, 2021

After several months of break, students are back to school and the Crimson Arrow is publishing again! After a few weeks into school, clubs, sports, and activities are starting back up. Another very important thing returning is Fall! 

As the weather gets colder and the days get shorter, it is a great time to pay attention to all of the changes.  If you like the cold or not it will start to get even more beautiful outside with all the leaves changing on the trees and decorations on people’s porches. In just a couple months, there will be snow covering the ground and Christmas lights hung up. But for now, get ready for Halloween and Thanksgiving, because before you know it the Christmas season will start again. 

Fall is an important time to spend time with family and friends, and also go house to house and get free candy– only on Halloween, of course. Junior high students can still have fun trick or treating and playing football before Thanksgiving dinner. Speaking of Thanksgiving, fall sports continue to wrap up their seasons.

Thinking ahead into winter, boys basketball open gyms continue on October, 18th, 20th, 25th and the 28th.  Official tryouts begin November 19th.  Wrestling also begins practice on November 19th. The girls basketball team is already in-season and will have their next game on October 19 at Penn Hills.

We are very excited to have Crimson Arrow start again. Keep reading to stay informed of not only what will happen this Fall but also the rest of this school year.

Junior High Halloween


October 15, 2021

Halloween is a time of year where kids dress up and run the streets asking the all-known question, “Trick or treat?” The only thing is, how many Junior High students are still dressing up and asking for treats? 

Traditionally, thousands of kids dress up to go trick or treating; however, some people think that Junior High is the time to stop trick or treating and start just using their costumes for dances or parties – or not even dress up at all. Halloween is also meant to be a spooky holiday, but some kids take this holiday as an opportunity to look cute or funny. Now, it’s a school-wide discussion if kids are dressing up or not.

Kylie Felton (7), is going trick or treating this year. She said, “Me and my sister are dressing up as characters from Alice in Wonderland”. This unique idea sides with the thought that some kids aren’t looking to be the scariest character this year. Kylie still thinks it’s fine to dress up even in seventh grade, and most of her friends do too.

Sophia Scardina (8), is not going trick or treating this Halloween. She said “I don’t plan on trick or treating or even dressing up this year,” Sophia, who is in eighth grade, thinks that she is too old to dress up anymore and prefers staying home to watch scary movies instead. 

Kids all around the world love to dress up for the fun holiday of Halloween. Many kids that are middle-school-age consider themselves to be too old for the thrill of wandering the streets and asking for candy. Although many kids in IJHS still participate in trick or treating, there are some that claim it’s not as fun as it used to be. Trick or treating is never going to go away, but some kids may stop as they get older, causing Halloween spirit to die down. In the end, Halloween is always going to be fun no matter how you spend it, whether it’s trick or treating or watching a scary movie on your couch.