Robotics Club Kicks It Into Gear


Students at Indiana Junior High have a new option this year to develop their STEM skills– Robotics Club! Mr. Dolges and Mr. Herrington are the Robotics Club teachers and this is what they plan on doing this year. 

Mr. Dolges will be teaching how to design, build, and compete with 6-pound robots. 

He also stated that the club will be doing competitions around April or May 2022 and plan on inviting other surrounding school districts to join in on the competitions. The students will learn about robotics, design, teamwork, and most importantly applying STEM skills. 

Mr. Dolges said that he is excited to see all of the students come up with their creative ideas and compete while having fun. He wishes all of the participants good luck this year and wants them to try their best!

Mr. Herrington will be teaching the designing process, materials properties/selection, electricity/circuits, and machining. Along with Mr. Dolges, he will also be entering his class in the competitions. The skills that they will be learning include: teamwork, English skills, science skills, math skills, materials that are given, machining, electrical circuit designing and writing.

Mr. Herrington is very excited to see their final, battle ready bots.  

Students are also excited about the Club. Joshua Reed (7) said he is most excited to start “building the robots.” Jacob Allen (7) said he wanted to join the program “to start building robots.” Mitchell Rend’s (7) experiences in Tech Ed class influenced him to want to be a part of this new program at IJHS. Laura Keppich (6) said that she is excited to be a part of this program because she has always loved building things. 

As this new program reaches IJHS, it shows just another way our students and teachers are striving to enrich themselves and others. 

Busing Woes Plague Sports Teams

By Lily Manzi

Sports teams in the Indiana Area School District have faced some additional challenges this year due to the problems with providing busing. Some sports teams have missed  games or meets because there was not an available bus or bus driver. 

The Cross Country team missed two of their meets and was late to many practices. In one instance the bus didn’t come to pick up the team to take them to practice until plans had already been changed. Angelo Gentile (7) from the boy’s cross country team said, “I think this needs to be solved.  In one scenario, we have the cross country team sharing a bus with the soccer team and it is way too crowded.” 

Bus overcrowding also came up in many other interviews.  The Cross Country and Soccer teams are often cramming into the same bus going to their practices at S&T Arena. Many kids are trying to fit 3 people into a seat along with their backpacks and sports bags. Addison Fry (8) said that “The buses for other sports teams were not being filled to their full capacities and they could have fit more people or another team.”  Maddy Bauer went along with this by stating, “There are teams who are not getting where they need to go and are missing meets and games.”  

Boys soccer players Charlie Manzi, Connor McGowan, Ethan Chuhran, and Jack Lehman all agreed that the situation was unfair. Many others agreed that it was very chaotic on the busses. Ethan Chuhran (8) followed this by saying, “We always have to ride the bus with many people from other sports.” Jack Lehman (8) added,  “There aren’t any busses.” Even though there are over 20 players on the boy’s soccer team they constantly have to squeeze into busses with other teams. 

Girls Soccer players Jayla Peterson, Marlie Mangold, Sydney Anderson, and Jocelynn Higbee were also all in agreement about the fact that busing was an issue. Peterson said,  “I think our team should have our own bus with our own things to do instead of sharing the bus with people we may or may not know.” Marlie Mangold (7) continued this by saying, “They should not give one bus to one sports team and not give one to another.” Sydney Anderson (8) added on to this by commenting that “ certain people get the bus before the girl’s soccer team and we have missed many games because some people had to get the bus before us.” Sometimes teams have to share busses to meets or games with other sports teams or teams from the high school.  As sports seasons move into winter, hopefully this issue will be solved. 

Eisenhower Relocates to IJHS


On April 16, 2021, there was a devastating fire at Eisenhower Elementary School. The fire resulted in tragedy for some classrooms, but students were soon back in school at Horace Mann and the Junior High. This year, the students and teachers of Eisenhower are all working at the Junior High.  

Eisenhower teachers have had to make adjustments due to the fire.. Mrs. DeOre said, “When it happened it was really shocking.” Mrs. Anderson stated that, “It was devastating,” but added,“I love how my principal and administrators kicked into action to get a plan together, so we wouldn’t miss school and be behind the rest of the district.”

 While missing their old school, some teachers saw some positives in the switch from Eisenhower to IJHS. Mrs. DeOre said that she feels really great about being at the Junior High and that it’s a nice building. “Everyone has been very nice and welcoming to us,” said Mrs. DeOre. “I have to say the AC is a bonus,” said Mrs. Anderson.  She added, “I love seeing former students and colleagues in the halls. It brings a smile to my heart.” 

Eisenhower students have also had to adjust. Mrs. Anderson said, “At first, they were intimidated by the size and all of the stairs, but they handle it all just fine now.” Mrs. DeOre also mentioned that her students enjoy having their own lockers. 

In conclusion, even though there was a horrific fire at Eisenhower Elementary School, there were still many pros to the move from Eisenhower to IJHS. It was initially tough for the students and teachers of Eisenhower to switch over to the Junior High. It is very devastating that the fire at Eisenhower has occurred, but hopefully soon Eisenhower will be back and better than ever.


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Halo’s Cloud World

BY LILy Manzi

“What just happened?” 

“I have no idea.” 

They stood looking at the pile of ashes that used to be their school. 

“Halo, I think you have powers,” said Derran. Minutes earlier they were inside their classroom talking. All of the sudden there were flames shooting out of Halo’s hands. 

“ I don’t know how I did that. I was just wishing I had flames shooting out of my hands and there they were.” 

“Um, wish for me to have an ice cream sundae.”

 Halo shut her eyes and wished for it and all of the sudden he  had an ice cream sundae. As they talked some more she tried to unwish that. He did not lose the ice cream. She did not really care because she could just take it and throw it out. As she slowly realized the powers she started freaking out. 

“Derran what if I wish for something terrible out of anger and embarrassment. What do I do then?!” 

“ Calm down. Nothing bad will happen.” 

“ You don’t know that!! What if I wish for a different world or people to have superpowers! When I dream I always wish for stuff. What do I do!!”

 “There is a very slim chance of that and if it would happen it would only affect  everything you know and love.”

 “Thanks now I feel great.”

 “Sorry I’m just telling the truth.” 

“I have to go eat dinner see you tomorrow.” 

As Halo made her way home she tried listening to some music to take her mind off the day. When she finally got home her principal was talking to her parents about the accident. She sat down awkwardly. Her parents explained that they had been talking about a boarding school. She ran up to her room without saying anything and starting sobbing into her pillow. After a while her parents finished their conversation with the principal and went upstairs to talk to her. They told her great things would happen from this. They got her on board and told her she had one more week before she left to go she started packing up some of her stuff that she would need. She finally went to sleep and wished for the best.  When she woke up she did not remember any dreams but she thought she had not wished for anything bad. She was wonderfully surprised when she came downstairs to her mother telling her that work and school was cancelled for the day. Halo’s mom had made a huge breakfast and after they ate Halo went to the pool to hang out with Derran and some other friends. She ordered with her friends and she wished that the pool workers  would give them their food free and it happened. They were swimming around the pool and Halo saw her worst enemy, Sam. Halo wished that her food would be gross and Sam would act like a baby when she got in the water. It was so funny watching a highschooler standing in the 3 ft area and saying she could not touch. She tried to unwish it but she could not. It was not great but not a huge deal. While they were seeing who could act more like sea creatures she wished people could shapeshift and teleport. 

“ Oh, no.” thought Halo. When she tried to tell her friends they just laughed and so she wished there was an imaginary world in the clouds that she could teleport to. She pulled Derran to the side and told him what she wished. He reminded me what he had said 

“It would only affect everything you know and love. So it won’t be that bad.”


 “Sorry. You will be fine. You can always unwish it.”

 Halo tried unwishing it but nothing changed. Until out of nowhere two men in all black suits walked up to her and handed her a letter. It was a reminder that she could not unwish anything.

 “Oh, no.” said Derran. Halo started to freak out and slowly lifted off the ground and floated up into a tree. Derran tried to climb the tree to get Halo but missed as she floated up into a low cloud. Derran started to freak out and started floating with her. After a while of floating, they landed open front of a beautiful castle on a cloud. When they looked at where they were standing, they were scared. They Were On A Cloud! 

They walked into the castle expecting to see monsters, but the only people were friends and family in there. She calmed down. Now five years later no one has ever seen Halo and her friends since, but everyone hopes they are striving on Halo’s cloud world. 

Red Feather announces yearbook drawing contest

The IJHS Yearbook will be sponsoring a drawing contest. For the drawing contest, you will need to draw something positive that happened in 2020. Entries will be due on February 23 for A-L students and February 25 for M-Z students. Please submit your entries to Miss Kovach in room 323 by the designated deadlines. If you are a synchronous student, you can send your entries to the junior high or email a picture of your entry to Miss Kovach. Make sure that your first & last name is on the back of your drawing. Prizes will be awarded to 1st, 2nd, & 3rd places!! Your entry may just appear in the 2020-2021 yearbook!! IJHS staff members will be around to your flex rooms to provide the drawing paper for the contest! Here is the link to a Google Doc with more information:

Fall Play: Alice in Wonderland Through the Looking Glass

By Jane Stubbe and Emma Palmer

Some readers might be asking when is the play? How many people are in the cast? Who is the main character? The Crimson Arrow has answers. 

The dates of the production are November 6th and 7th, 2021.  On Saturday the 6th the play will run at 7 pm, and on Sunday the 7th, the play will run at 5 pm. Twenty-seven IJHS students are involved in the play.  As for who the main character is to be played by, the answer to that one is, drumroll please . . . Madison Jablunovsky!

“The thing I’m most excited for is to perform and have fun with my friends while doing it,” Jablunovsky says. When asked if she has ever been in a production at the Junior High before, she answers, “No, but I have been in other schools.”

Mrs. Kessel is the Junior High’s brand new play director. “The thing I’m most excited for is to meet lots of new people and share the really cool story of Alice in Wonderland with the school and community,” she told us. Mrs. Kessel says that she just graduated with a theater degree and she has directed many plays there, but she also has done even more plays at the high school in Ebensburg. She then went on to tell us, “I’ve directed lots of high school plays before, but never any middle school, so this will be my first time.” Mrs. Kessel also added that she is also excited because she thinks that our school has an amazing auditorium that she is very eager to use. 

Oliver John, the stage manager, said that  he is most excited to help backstage with everything that needs to be done. Oliver also told us that he enjoys being backstage more than onstage.

So, if you are looking for something fun to do with your family on November 6th or 7th, and even if you aren’t, come to this fun school event. Everyone involved in this play is working hard to make this an amazing production for the school and community. 

IASD encourages everyone to send hope to the moon!

The Readiness Institute at Penn State, in collaboration with Global Moonshots in Education, is collecting messages of hope from students, educators, and members of the global community and then sending those messages to the moon to create a lasting reminder that the hopes of today can become the reality of tomorrow.

“Once your hope has been sent to the moon, every time you look into the night sky, you’ll be reminded of what it is that you’re hoping for and how your actions can contribute to the greater good of community and future readiness.

Justin W. Aglio

“If our hopes can make it to the moon, then our hopes can become true on Earth,” according to Justin Aglio, Ed.D., senior director, Readiness Institute at Penn State

Sending Hopes to the Moon

Students are invited and encoruaged to submit their hopes until the submission deadline of January 22, 2021. These hopes will then be saved on an SD card, which will be placed in a durable storage capsule that has been created for space travel. In 2021, this capsule will be delivered to the moon’s surface on the Peregrine Lunar Lander, built by Astrobotic Technology, Inc., a space robotics company based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

However, before studentscan submit their hopes, their parent or guardian must give permission via this online form as was explained in a recent Bright Arrow email. Once the permission is received, students will be emailed a link to submit their hope.

Learn more about Astrobotic’s mission to the moon

Esther Wojcicki, Ph.D.

“Our mission is to enable every person to reach their fullest potential”– Esther Wojcicki, Ph.D., CEO and founder, Global Moonshots in Education

Join the Hope Moonshot

After students submit their hope, they should bookmark this page and check back regularly after the submission deadline of January 22, 2021 for:

  • mission updates from Astrobotic
  • information about the virtual launch party in 2021
  • mission images and videos from Astrobotic
  • a printable certificate commemorating your participation
Stanley Thompson, Ph.D.

“My hope is every learner has the skills, attitudes, and values necessary to design and lead a purposeful life” — Stanley Thompson, Ph.D., The Heinz Endowments