IJHS Drama Club produces first-ever musical movie, “Yearbook Reflections”

Not even a worldwide pandemic could stop the IJHS Drama Club from producing a musical this year.

In order to follow the Indiana Area School District’s Health and Safety protocols, director Ms. Robyn Bailey-Orchard, vocal director Dr. Jason Rummel, and pit orchestra director Mr. Zach Karcher knew they couldn’t stage a typical musical on the stage.

So they made a movie.

Yearbook Reflections will stream Saturday, April 10 at 7:30 and Sunday, April 11 at 2:30. Streaming passes are just $5 at https://ijhsdrama.booktix.com/. Streaming passes will also be on sale during all lunches and before school in the lobby.

IJHS and the entire Indiana community will revel in Yearbook Reflections, filled with songs that will touch the hearts of everyone.  This inspiring show is a sensitive, upbeat musical about the will power, compassion and humor found in every school.  

Susan (Maizie Baunoch) and Beth (Lizzy Villa) ask Jack (Sam Knepper) and Eric (Micah Weigner) to help move the boxes of hot-off-the-press yearbooks that have just arrived at their school.  Between loads, they stop and flip through the pages of time, reflecting back on the year’s highlights.  With the help of flashback scenes, we meet superstitious Cathy (Zoey Velesig), who sings about her ”lucky” locker helping her get asked to the school dance. She also reminds us how difficult it is to be a new student at a school as she conquers her fear of walking down the hall known as “Jock Block.”  Jack recalls carrying the weight of winning the state basketball championship in “What a Game!”   Senior Rick Selby (Xav Ferguson) faces the crisis of potentially failing chemistry in “A-B-C-D-F.”  Each story is introduced by inspirational quotes that are meaningful to all students.

This rich blend of humorous, poignant and light vignettes comes to life with the help of an ensemble of students starring Sydney Adamsky, Xav Ferguson, Angelo Gentile, Andrew Grim, Leannah Hill, Brock Kuzneski, Lo Marshall & Manny Sams and featuring special guest stars Joey Baunoch, India Cooper & Sean Kelly, courtesy IHS, and Mrs. Dina Baunoch, Mr. Ryan Knepper, Miss Amy Kukula, and Miss Taylor Juszynski.

The entire score is phenomenal with additional songs including “Yearbook” Prologue & Epilogue, “Romeo & Juliet,”  “Being Weird,” and the show’s theme, “Columbine.”  Everyone will thrive on the positive perspective this show places on today’s youth.

Cast memebers Maizie Baunoch, Sam Knepper, Lizzy Villa, and Micah Weigner along with director, Ms. BO, were guests on Todd Marino’s Indiana in the Morning yesterday: https://www.wccsradio.com/indiana-in-the-morning-interviews-april-2021/. IJHS got to see preview highlights of the show during Flex.

The show was also features in Thursday’s Indiana Gazette: https://www.indianagazette.com/news/drama-students-defy-pandemic-produce-video-version-of-class-musical/article_05d2164d-4c85-55e7-8855-37579d6b6603.html

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