Fall Play: Alice in Wonderland Through the Looking Glass

By Jane Stubbe and Emma Palmer

Some readers might be asking when is the play? How many people are in the cast? Who is the main character? The Crimson Arrow has answers. 

The dates of the production are November 6th and 7th, 2021.  On Saturday the 6th the play will run at 7 pm, and on Sunday the 7th, the play will run at 5 pm. Twenty-seven IJHS students are involved in the play.  As for who the main character is to be played by, the answer to that one is, drumroll please . . . Madison Jablunovsky!

“The thing I’m most excited for is to perform and have fun with my friends while doing it,” Jablunovsky says. When asked if she has ever been in a production at the Junior High before, she answers, “No, but I have been in other schools.”

Mrs. Kessel is the Junior High’s brand new play director. “The thing I’m most excited for is to meet lots of new people and share the really cool story of Alice in Wonderland with the school and community,” she told us. Mrs. Kessel says that she just graduated with a theater degree and she has directed many plays there, but she also has done even more plays at the high school in Ebensburg. She then went on to tell us, “I’ve directed lots of high school plays before, but never any middle school, so this will be my first time.” Mrs. Kessel also added that she is also excited because she thinks that our school has an amazing auditorium that she is very eager to use. 

Oliver John, the stage manager, said that  he is most excited to help backstage with everything that needs to be done. Oliver also told us that he enjoys being backstage more than onstage.

So, if you are looking for something fun to do with your family on November 6th or 7th, and even if you aren’t, come to this fun school event. Everyone involved in this play is working hard to make this an amazing production for the school and community. 

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