Reminders from the cafeteria

Mrs. Becke Steffish, IJHS Cafeteria manager, is reaching out to remind students of the lunch and brekfact procedures.

“We have been having a lot of issues lately with students, especially the 6th grade, trying to put money on their lunch account as they come through the line at lunch time.  We cannot do this for numerous reasons.” The two majors ones are that it holds up the line and there isn’t a cash drawer at the registers for security reasons.

All cash or check deposits to school lunch accounts need to be made by placing the deposit in an envelope into one of our two deposit drop boxes located in the school, either by the main entrance or in the cafeteria. All deposits made by 9 AM will be entered into the student’s account and available for use at lunch time that day.

Steffish added, “Also, when [stduents] bring their lunch account card or student issued ID card with them to breakfast and lunch, checkout goes much smoother.  Trying to understand the students tell us their numbers almost always requires a repeat as they do not speak loudly enough or clearly enough for us to catch it the first time.  And some take several attempts. I understand they will forget occasionally but every day about 50% do not have their cards.”

Students who need a new lunch account card should add their names to the clipboard at the sanitizing station near the front of the lunch line; the cafeteris staff will a new one for them as soon as possible.

Remember, all breakfast and lunch meals are at no charge to students through the remainder of this school year!  However, students MUST have money in their accounts in order to purchase a la carte items (extras).

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