STUCO announces Send the Love card drive

Who: ALL IJHS students and staff

When: now until January 18th

What: Create cards (Welcome 2021, cheer, thinking of you…)

Where: digital cards can be sent to

Boxes for paper cards will be located in the library and inside the front door for synchronous drop-off

Why: It’s important during a time of distance to remind others we are here and thinking of them  *and there is a prize for the homeroom that produces the most cards

Let’s show the Jun-Hi Spirit and reach our goal of sending 1,000 cards to Veterans Nursing Homes Homeless Essential Workers

*If you have a group you would like us to add, contact Ms Mitsko in the library

Step 1: Gather your card-making supplies/online resources (envelopes not required)

Step 2: Add graphics and a heart-felt message such as:

“Thank you for your service” “Thinking of you” “Sending hugs and smiles”

 see more here – Card Ideas

Step 3: Sign your first name.  Add HR #, and “IJHS Student” to the back of the card.

Drop your card in the appropriate box in the library or out front, or send it to with the topic: Card for ______(fill in veteran, nursing home, etc.)

Step 4: Smile!  You’re about to make someone feel good!.

Thanks for participating and good luck! 🙂

–Zaliyah Covey & the IJHS Student Council Send the Love Committee

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