Football season comes to a close

    BY GABI ISENBERG –  Despite COVID-19, IJHS was able to make sports safe for players and coaches. School sports such as soccer, cross country, and football are now in session. The IJHS football team won their first game on September 16th. They won 3 games and lost 3 this season. And with new mask policies and safety procedures in place, this season might be the hardest of all. 

“The only time you don’t have to wear a mask is during a game while you’re on the field. It’s annoying sometimes, but it’s still fun.” said football player Rocco Cosentino (8th). 

Although there are safety precautions in place, the players still enjoy the game.

“I just all around love the sport,” said Mason Ploskunak (8th).

    With the incoming group of 7th graders, the team has to work with their new players while still following guidelines. Plus, masks are just the beginning. There are restrictions in place on how many people can be watching the game. IASD’s website said, 

“Social distancing will guide our decision regarding capacity limits, and masks will be required for all spectators at all home events, indoor and outdoor alike.”    

All across the country, protests broke out for students to be able to play sports this year. The movement sparked under #letthemplay and parents and kids alike protested for students’ right to play sports this year. Rallies were held in places like St. Louis, Frankfort, Lansing, and others. Although they were not held in Indiana, there were posts on Instagram, Facebook and other social media outlets that showed support for the movement. Now that they have that right, it’s important to make sure everyone is safe while playing their sport. Masks, frequent cleaning of equipment, and live-streams of high school Volleyball and Football are just some of the things that IASD is doing to make sure that sports can continue safely. 

The football season concluded on October 21st, 2020 for our Junior High students. We are proud of our IJHS team and all the hard work they put into this difficult season. After winning half of their games this season, it’s clear that not even a virus can stop these players from doing what they love. 

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