Wildfires rage out west

    BY JEANICE HILL-  Wildfires-a dangerous force of nature not to be messed with. It’s a shame that they occur almost every single year. California is the main hotspot for wildfires, especially in the summer. How are they started? How can we prevent them?

It is just like a forest fire, but way worse, they are extremely deadly and take thousands of gallons of water. Wildfires can be created by humans, but they can also be caused by climate change. Certain climates, mostly extremely hot climates can cause forest fires, it is more common for it to be caused accidentally by a human, but it can be caused by the heat. When it gets so hot, it can catch a dry leaf on fire, and that creates a domino effect on the forest. Although they are usually stopped in at a minimum of two days, they can take longer, especially depending on the size of the fire, the size and strength are both important to the length of time it will take to put out the fire. With fires raging in the west, some people wonder if there could be a wildfire in their area, and that is extremely possible, but it will most likely be an accident by a human if you live up in the northeast region of the U.S. In California though, it can be caused by how hot it gets down there. Although there were a few up in the northern part of the U.S. during the heat spell of 1901, unless something like that happens again, it will most likely not be caused by weather. Although Weather forecasters cannot predict when wildfires will break out, but they know that three conditions must be present for a wildfire to burn: fuel, oxygen and a heat source. Firefighters refer to these conditions as the fire triangle. The fire triangle is something that can warn people that the conditions where they live are suitable for a wildfire, and if it causes one it does, and if it doesn’t, it doesn’t.

    Although it might surprise you, it is almost always the people who love the outdoors who cause the Wildfires. They are camping and hiking  and boating, but when they start a fire, they often think that the fire will just burn out, and not do anything about it. Well, this theory is wrong, it has been accidentally conducted many times, and since California has the best conditions, they most often occur there. We may not mean to start them, but we do. The only way to stop them is to bring your own water to the fire, it’s always okay to have extra water. Sand can also help to put out wildfires, it doesn’t require any oxygen, and it can’t catch on fire. You should also make sure that the area you are camping in is clear from any rubbage of sorts, fallen leaves, shrubs, sticks. It’s best to just create a ring around the fire, and to not have the forest burn down, it is always worth it to clean the area up a little bit, before starting the fire.

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