Quarantine led to home-styled hair

BY ETHAN COLEMAN – With outbreaks of COVID-19, or coronavirus, spreading around the country, Governor Wolf  issued a series of proclamations. One of these was when he decreed that all “nonessential businesses” would be closed.

This included hair salons.

This means that kids couldn’t get their hair cut, at least not by a professional. Kids had a choice: they could wait until Indian went “Green,” likely ending up with long, wild hair, or they cold get a family member to cut their hair for them– which in some cases turned out a bit differently than they expected.  The results are often not quite picture perfect

The internet features hundred  of videos and pictures of failed haircuts by a loved one, from being a bit uneven on one side, to accidentally cutting a huge chunk of hair out.  One example of an online fail is where a 7 year old  ended up having to shave part of his head because his dad accidentally shaved a random strip of his hair bald.

However, some people are quite satisfied with their new look. My sister, for example, had her hair cut by our mom (who is definitely NOT a hair stylist)  just a few days ago, wanting to try out bangs, and is very pleased with the new look.  When I asked how she felt about her haircut she said, “I really like my new haircut and think it’s very beautiful.” 

Now that Indiana’s salons have reopened, even though with some restrictions, students are no longer limited to “quarantine haircuts.”  Even if they did suffer a  “Epic Hair Fail,” at least their hair will grow back before school begins again.

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