Be fit to survive

By ETHAN COLEMAN – As you may know,  six main things that a person needs to survive are clean air, water, food/nutrients, warmth, shelter, and sleep. Here are some tips on three of these that may help if the coronavirus truly is THE END. 

Most of Pennsylvania, including our area of it, is very hilly and forested. These tips will be most useful in the woods around our area. 

Air –  Currently, air shouldn’t be too much of a problem, if you are in the woods, the plants should definitely provide enough oxygen for you. However, remember that if you are in a closed space with no air holes, the oxygen will not last. Also note that a fire will suck up oxygen quickly, and be sure there is a way for the smoke to escape, and oxygen to come in. 

Shelter – Shelter is another basic need. A good shelter will help you keep more warm and more dry, as well as being a place for you to sleep. There are many kinds of shelters. I am going to go over one simple but effective one sometimes known as a leaf hut. The leaf hut is a two-sided, wedge-shaped lean-to with better weather-proofing and insulating qualities. To build it, select a long, sturdy pole or branch 9 to 12 feet long. Prop it up in the fork of a tree; or set it on a rock, stump, or two forked prop sticks. Then, cover the sides of the pole with tree branches to act as ribs. These are placed at an angle along both sides of the pole. Place the ribs close together so that your covering won’t fall through. Next, place vegetation over the framework ( grass, ferns, moss, pine needles, brush, or pine boughs, etc.). 2 to 3 feet of vegetation covering all sides is enough to keep you dry inside. I would also advise to put lots of soft, thick vegetation as bedding. 

Sleep – It is very important that when in a survival situation, you get lots of sleep. If you are not well rested, you will not have as not much energy and you will not be as ready to face any problems to arise. The best way to sleep more comfortably is to create a bed. One example is a bough bed. First, roll two logs near each other to create a frame. Then, pile boughs, leaves, grass, or other plant materials on it. Although fir boughs are probably the most comfortable, others will work. 

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