Real Classroom or Google Classroom?

By MORGAN ADAMSON – As everyone knows, due to the national emergency, we are experiencing online school instead of real school. Many students enjoy this, being able to do the work whenever, wherever, and while doing other things. Many students, on the other hand, are not a fan of online schooling.

There are many upsides to doing online school. For example students can do it at any time of the day. They can also take breaks and do other things between classes. Overall, they have more freedom in choosing how, when, and where they want to continue your education at home. Many students also prefer typing or watching videos to writing and doing bookwork.

Though many of the children partaking in this enjoy it, an even larger number of students do not. For example, many people benefit much more from a teacher-taught lesson than a video of Google meeting. Also, many students do not have Internet access or a stable enough wifi service to be able to hold doing work all day. Mostly all of the kids miss their friends, miss their classes, miss their extra curricular activities, and overall just miss the school environment. Though online school might have some advantages, not many students enjoy it.

Staying home and isolated is important, but it may be putting a dent in some students work ethics, and general education. Though many of the assignments we do are helpful and productive, some would help students more by learning them in a classroom.

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