New “Animal Crossing” on the horizon

By IZZT YUHA – Animal Crossing is now a daily name for many families across the world.

The new game called “Animal Crossing New Horizons” was released on Nintendo Switch on March 20th. This relaxing game has calmed many people down with the pandemic in full swing. 

Animal Crossing is about helping the player’s villagers in a town. Sometimes, they will ask the player to do certain tasks so the island will be in better shape. The game also teaches  about debt, the stock market, and many other things. The game also teached to be kind to the villagers, or they will leave the island. 

Another unique thing about Animal Crossing is that the game is set in real time! Creatures and certain tree types come out in different seasons to simulate real time. Indiana may be stuck inside, but at least a game knows it’s spring time!

Also, this game has many people working together to make each other’s islands great! Many computer programmers have made websites to help others get what they want on their islands by selling their items for in game currency. 

On the other hand, however, many people are upset that they cannot get some of their favorite characters in the game anymore. There are only a select few who are not in the game anymore. Luckily, there are hundreds of villagers to offer.

The game has also released an update on April 23. Many characters have come back into the game and many more features were added. On many social media sites, people were very excited for this new update to drop. 


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