How to Stay Connected, Alone

By MORGAN ADAMSON – During the coronavirus epidemic, we are strongly advised to stay away from other people that aren’t your immediate family. Many people may be missing their friends, other family, or even colleagues. So, how can we be together, alone?

One way to keep in touch with others without actually touching is to FaceTime, Skype, Zoom, Google Meets, or any other video calling service. Not only can you talk to the person, or even people, but you can see them and non-physically interact with them. Netflix, for example, has released a new feature called Netflix Party. In this application, you are able to watch shows, movies, and many other things through Netflix with your friends. WHile you aren’t able to see them during this, whoever you invited to the ‘party’ can text in a live chat box while the film or show is playing.

Another thing many people have started doing is writing letters back and forth. By now, we are all used to being able to text, call and many other things which is much faster than sending a letter. Doing this, gives a sense of connection and feeling as if the person was there. Not only that, but you are able to write and send other things, such as small gifts. Even though there are much faster ways to do this now, many people enjoy doing it.

By doing these things, we can stay connected, no matter how far apart we are. Being alone doesn’t mean we have to be lonely. So take the time today to call a friend or send them a letter. Together we can stop this pandemic and get life back to normal. We can do it together but apart.

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