Furry friends keep hearts warm

BY GABI ISENBERG –  Right now, we all need a bit of happiness. Well, what could make anyone happier than a new pet?

You would think that the stay-at-home order would prevent people from adopting furry bundles of joy, but that is not the case. In fact, pet adoptions have been surging beyond unimaginable levels. 

Most people adore animals. Even if they don’t,they probably can’t resist an “awww” when they see a picture of a puppy on Instagram or Snapchat. So when we’re all cooped up at home, that cute puppy or kitten that makes them say “awww” can make their day a thousand times brighter.

Many IJHS students’ days have been happier due to pets. According to a recent survey, 36.4% of students that responded have adopted a pet recently andeven if students didn’t adopt a pet, many know someone that did.

“My Aunt Peg adopted a puppy a couple weeks ago,”  said Ciara Cunningham (8th).

“My friend adopted a dog recently,” said Ella Myers (8th).

“My grandmother adopted a cat,” said Adam Lawrence (8th).

Many people have adopted animals, but what is the most common type? According to the survey, 20 students that responded adopted a dog. Cats came in second with 14 students adopting one.  

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, both Four Footed Friends and the Indiana County Humane Society (two main places for pet adoptions) are open by appointment only. Although peoplecan’t go and look at the dogs and cats, both Four Footed Friends and the Humane Society’s websites have adoption information where you can look for pets. You can see those pets on the Indiana County Humane Society’s website or Four Footed Friends’ website

Why did you choose the pet that you did? Some IJHS students told us why they chose their loveable pets.

“I chose my leopard gecko because at the time we were moving to a different house and my parents thought it would be nice to have something to take my mind off of moving. I got my tree frogs after my old one, French Fry, died. My neighbors gave them to me because they got them as a birthday gift but didn’t know how to take care of them. Since I had experience with two frogs already (I also had a frog named Hot Dog), they gave them to me so I could take good care of them. I chose my cat because my other cat was lonely and at the time, my cat looked very skinny and hungry.” said Tommy Kauffman (8th).

“Our last set of dogs passed away and since my dad travels a lot, we felt that we needed something here. So, we adopted two adorable dogs!” said Ava Curry (6th). 

Pets are something that can make darkness a little brighter, and IJHS students are loving their new pets.

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