District releases options for reopening



In a document published Friday June 2, Informed Learning Options for Reopening,  IASD superintendent Michael Vuckovich shared the reopening options fo famlies in the Indiana Area School District for the 2020-2021 school year.

In his introductory message, Vuckovich tells families, “As we learned this year, the Commonwealth could impose directives upon us. The choice to be open or closed or operate in some modified manner may not be a local decision. Given the uncertainties of the situation surrounding COVID-19 we are preparing for any of the following four potential scenarios to be presented to us by the Commonwealth:

  • PA opens schools with no restrictions
  • PA schools remain closed and distance learning must continue
  • PA imposes strict safety restrictions and mandates health protocols which limit our capacity
  • PA leaves the decision to reopen up to the local districts with safety guidelines and recommendations in place.”

Vuckovich adds, “Again, to be clear, we have not received information about reopening at this point and we are eagerly awaiting this information. We intentionally left out information regarding social distancing and whether or not students will be required to wear masks for the 2020-21 school year as we want to make sure we have a clear understanding of the Commonwealth’s expectations and guidelines before we communicate regarding these two areas of discussion.”

Detailing the extensive considerations and data analysis, IASD has created three models for families to consider for their children, and they are asked to complete the relevant survey at the links by August 1

Traditional Model (School as close to normal as possible with increased health and safety protocols – description on pp. 10, survey link HERE)

IDEAL Model (At home cyber school owned and operated by the IASD and supported by IASD teachers and staff – description on pp. 12, survey link HERE)

Hybrid Model (A blend of the first two models, combining the flexibility of online learning, with the benefits, opportunities, safety, and structure of live, in-person school – description pp. 15, survey link HERE)

The Indiana Area School District administration, faculty, and staff have worked continuously to adapt to unprecedented challenges.   Vuckovich speaks for all of them in his closing:  “We cannot wait to see our families back in our schools once again.”

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