8th Graders at a Disadvantage

BY DELIA SALSER – The class of 2024 is in 8th grade this year at the Indiana Area Junior High School, and are missing many of the normal 8th grade perks that come with the last year of junior high.

There a couple of things that everyone is missing out on whether they’re in 6th, 7th, or 8th grade which includes the end of the year dance, the awards ceremony, the talent show, and getting/signing yearbooks. The end of the year dance is always fun with a different theme every year. The awards ceremony is special to acknowledge students who went above and beyond the past year with anything from academics to sport to the arts. The talent showcase is also important to many of the kids at the IJHS who like to sing, dance, and perform to show off their talents to the community. Another fun time of the year is signing yearbooks. Many people have loved that day ever since elementary when they received their first yearbook. Also, the students who were involved in the music program at the IJHS were also going to have a Kennywood trip at the end of the year that has also been cancelled.

The events that have been cancelled/postponed that are special for the 8th graders are the D.C. field trip, the 8th grade one act, and the awards ceremony. The D.C. field trip is something that many in Junior High look forward to all through 6th and 7th grade year. The school district is trying to reschedule this experience for them next year. The 8th grade one act is something that is very important to many of the 8th graders who are a part of the drama department at the IJHS. Every year the 8th graders create a one act show directed by Ms. Bailey-Orchard and perform it at the talent show and the awards ceremony. That brings me to the awards ceremony. Most of the awards that are given, are for 8th graders. They are based off of the 8th grade sports and achievements to make their last year memorable.

20/20 may be perfect for eyesight but as a year, it’s been a disappointment, especially for 8th graders,.

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