The Upside of Home Quarantine

By LIZZY VILLA — Home quarantine gets boring fast.

There is only so long a person can stay inside with three or more other living things. After a while, the house starts getting smaller and smaller, the doors get farther and farther away, and the people’s voices are getting even more annoying. There are so many downsides, including but not limited to the cancelations of after school activities, isolation from humanity, no friends, more siblings, more crazy pets, more cleaning, and other things too depressing to list in the time of a global pandemic going on.

On the other hand, there is a variety of silver linings.

Students are always complaining about how they didn’t get enough sleep at night and how they are running on pure caffeine; well, now people can sleep until noon.

People can wear their pajamas all day, every day.

There is no homework since students can get all their work done on a computer or even their phone. No more 40-minute classes; students can work classes for as long or as short as they want.  Instead of a typical 200-minute week, teachers are trying hard to limit students’ work time to around an hour or so.

Another benefit: lunch, glorious lunch! Now, people can eat for more than 30 minutes! We can just sit down, relax, eat our sandwich on the couch, talk as much as we want, and do it for more than an hour.

No. More. Stairs. Yes, you still have to walk up the stairs in your house, but now you don’t have to go to school and open the doors to see steep, mountainous stairs going all the way into the galaxy. No more getting out of the homeroom and trudging up millions upon millions of stairs just to get to science. In. Three. Minutes. And because of the lack of stairs, you will longer be seeing that random piece of pizza that keeps showing up in the hallway by the science rooms.

You don’t even have to move for school. School can be done in pajamas, in bed, while half sleeping.

While parts of home quarantine are great, some people have mixed emotions about it in general. 

Joey Baunoch, 8 grade, says, “My dogs are very happy, and all of my pets now get a lot of affection.”

“Well, my hamster tries to attack me more. My brothers like to fight with me, and break my door. So in conclusion, I really don’t like home quarantine,” says Grace Bowersox (7).

 “My dog is happy, and I get to take this time to do some of the stuff that I’ve been putting off or haven’t had enough time to do like clean my room and start up an art business. It also gives me time to relax which is nice once in a while,” said Delia Salser (8).

The shiniest, most sparkling shade of that lining is the cancellation of PSSAs and Keystone exams, those terrible tests that deprive us of actually learning for more than a week.

Even though there are still regular tests to take, no longer shall we sit in a silent classroom chewing gum and Lifesavers, staring at a piece of paper and wondering why we must uncover the secrets of Armano P. Alberto’s secret fourth grandfather or why we must apply the fourth element of the theorem of opposite Pythagorean reversed multiplied 2.40 to the tenth.  No more shall we suffer through the four-hour tests that sometimes even overrun into lunchtime.

Not only is there a silver lining; there are also sparkles of gold. Now is the time to do all that stuff around the house. You can redecorate, repaint, or rearrange your room, get the ball of fluff you always wanted from the pet store, do yoga, get in shape, sleep all the time, spend time with the cute little friends you call pets, and BINGE EVERYTHING ON NETFLIX.

You can also reconnect with your family. Everyone knows that being a teenager is not easy, it’s not always fun, and it’s very boring most of the time. Now, take how you feel, multiply it by ten, and turn it into consuming worry, and that’s how your parents feel. Well, now is the time to reconnect with them. You can exercise with them, play a board game, watch TV, or just talk. This might make the house feel less cramped, and who knows? You might make a friend.

In general, home quarantine has two modes; mind-numbing boring or inspiring. In the former, we all just sit on the couch and wonder what else is there to do in this house, and in the latter, we get inspired to start new things, change it up and do something crazy. Home Quarantine can drive you insane, or you can be grateful for all this pajama time.


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