Favorites in the Time of Quarantine

By GABI YOUNG — The Corona Virus has been affecting people, families, students, teachers, economies, and governments around the world. Now our schools have needed to take measures that are not as we had hoped, but are what needs to be done to keep us all, teachers, students, and staff, safe.

During these times, students must stay home and keep up with their schoolwork in the comfort of their homes. But what are students doing during the times they are not working? What are students doing for entertainment? Without the proper way to communicate, travel, or be with each other. They are sitting on their couches, sofas, chairs, and beds and watching or reading the newest movies, tv shows, and books.

After sending out surveys to the Indiana Area Junior High students, Crimson Arrow learned what the most common book, tv show, and movie favorites are out there, what students are most looking forward to coming out next, and what they enjoy now.

graph 1

graph 2



graph 4

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