A hair-raising time

By IZZY YUHA — IJHS students are living through an abnormal period in history. The Covid-19 has given the majority of people major inconveniences in their daily lifestyle.  One important question that student are asking themselves is, “What am I going to do with my hair?” 

One trend that is going on right now is shaved heads. People are because they won’t have to go back to the salon for a few months. Many famous youtubers and influencers are also taking part in this trend. 

People are also following the trend of dyeing their hair different colors to change it up. This is the perfect time to experiment. From pink to purple to green, everyone is ready for a change. 

Where do these trends come from?” Mostly, social media. In recent years, people are way more comfortable with changing up their personal look. People will most likely take inspiration from these people and will follow the trend, which is what’s happening.

The only worry that people are having with small trends like these is the period of time. The world is unsure when this virus will ease up and disappear completely. It could be a few months or up to 18 months. However, with trend-setters, this is the risk to take. 

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