By ANDREW GRIM – So you know the story of the tortoise and the hare, but I will bet you’ve never heard what happened next.

After he lost the race, the hare was publicly humiliated in front of everyone in the town. Everywhere he turned there was someone making fun of him. He got so fed up with this so he decided to make a deal with the devil to punish those who laughed at him.

The hare said century’s 20 starting in 1320, he wanted a plague to roll over the land. While this was happening, he hid underground until it was over.

This worked for a while with the bubonic plague, smallpox, the great plague of Marseille, and the Spanish Flu. But the devil does not make fair deals. He broke the rules and the coronavirus happened in 2020.


“Virus” by Shanelle Eiselman

The hare complained and complained but it did nothing. He wasn’t ready to go underground so he stayed above ground and eventually got it and met his untimely demise. Never make a deal with the devil.

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