Spotlight dims on “Fiddler on the Roof”

BY GRACE BOWERSOX – IJHS Drama Club’s musical, Fiddler on The Roof, was set to go up on Saturday, March 14 at 7:30 pm and Sunday, March 15 at 2 pm. However, due to COVID-19 concerns, the performances were postponed minutes before the preview on Friday, March 13. 

Stage manager Catie Akers (8th), commented. “When we were told the news of postponement, I was disappointed and was filled with anger. I couldn’t believe it. I would say my favorite scene from this musical was The Wedding Scene. I like this scene because everyone is up on stage, has a part in it and always puts so much energy towards it. They always look happy.”

Cast member Adam Lawrence (8th), who played Sasha, A Russian, added, “Well, when I heard the news of the postponement, I was mad at first, but I was really sad to see all of the work we had done and that it was not going to be seen.”

Director Ms. Robyn Bailey-Orchard said, “My heart squeezed into a ball. Fiddler on the Roof is a very challenging Broadway Musical, and I was so thrilled with how the cast, crew, and the pit rose to the challenge. I’m so glad we got to show the preview. I chose this musical because based on the talent I knew I’d have his year, I could give many kids the chance to shine.” 

“Tevye is my dream role, ” remarked Joseph Baunoch (8th).   “I love Tevye.  Love his character and playing him. I think the most challenging thing about playing Reb Tevye is interpreting his emotions from the wording in the script and transforming them into the words I say onstage. The interactions between him and the other characters are very different from other characters’ interactions.

“However, even though I am the main character, I am not necessarily the main protagonist. The interesting thing about this musical is that all of the Jews are equal to importance as protagonists and all of the Russians are of equal importance as antagonists.

“I’m glad that the show was postponed because it gives me more time to work on my character. Tevye is flavorful and fun to play, and I love his songs. One of my favorite songs from the musical is, “If I Were a Rich Man” because it not only talks about him wishing he were rich, it stands for all of the things that could be. He could learn more about his religion, for example. Tevye’s knowledge of the Torah is very limited because he had a sheltered education. As a result, he often misquotes the Torah, adding comic relief to this heavy story.”.”

As a part of the crew for this musical, it makes me very proud to see everyone onstage enjoying the songs. Even backstage during rehearsals, we’ll sing along to them. It was a different experience than being on stage this time around, but it gives you a whole different point of view. In the end, we’re all one big family, and cannot wait to get this show back on the road. Or shall I say, the roof!


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