Will we go from snow suit to swim suit?

By MORGAN ADAMSON –Antarctica… known for its snow, wind, and ice. Judging by the continent’s changes, could that generalization soon come to a fiery end? Recently, the icy continent hit its record high temperature. Measuring in at 69.35 °F, temperatures growing in the area are not bizarre. 

“This is a record from only a single station, but it is in the context of what’s happening elsewhere and is more evidence that as the planet warms we get more warm records and fewer cold records,” says Steve Rintoul, a scientist stationed in the area of the occurrence. Scientists around the world are predicting that the record will be soon broken. This uprising could be caused by numerous things, climate change, global warming, and many other issues of the sort. The warming of the continent not only has local effects but affects us on a global scale.

Though this has been a developing problem, we are now starting to see significant effects on the climate and ecosystem of Antarctica. For example, the ice structures in the area thawing affect the temperature of the water, which severely damages the food chain. It affects the animals in the area, which influences the world and puts endangered species at a higher risk of extinction.

Due to the dangerously rising temperatures, the endangered species number is increasing more and more every day. Escalating numbers of species are jeopardized and their populations are rigorously declining. The Magellanic Penguins are some of these threatened groups. Their population is declining because of the elements changing rapidly. Antarcitca is experiencing severe rain and brisk rises in temperature which is very harmful to their egg and newborn bodies. This sadly ends in death for the bird and makes it hard for its society to be stable. The animals didn’t have enough time to adapt to the changing climate.

So the question is… what can we do about it? Though we all can’t travel to Antarctica to stop this, there are a few things we can do to at least make a small impact on the world around us. Using energy saving light bulbs, unplugging electronics, and using renewable energy resources are just a few things that can help this world-impacting epidemic. Many businesses and companies are promoting green ideas and helping to stop this. Only a few people doing these things makes a small change, but if we all do it, it will make a better future for the world ahead of us.

The changes to the climate may only be in a small area, but it will spread and change the world over time. The idea of global warming and climate change has been debated over for years, but this is a prime example of the world before us if we don’t do anything about it. Now is the time to think about this, and to help prepare for what’s ahead. It may only be some sea life and mammals now, but it’s the planet later.

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