Who Knows News?

By FIONA MCQUAIDE – As a generation without much experience in the sort of problems, we are discovering currently, Gen Z’s are just sort of lost in this whole politics thing.

Now, some of the kids/teenagers in the junior high this age read the paper newspaper, like the Indiana Gazette… most of them do not. So, where do kids get their news?

Mostly our parents (or guardians).So when we learn about what is happening in the world around us, the news is sort of tinted with our guardians’ opinions of it all.

So how do junior high students grow their own opinions about politics, science, et cetera? By reading the news. 

If we could just adjust the way students learn these types of things, these problems would NOT occur. In times like these children like me have a hard time understanding what exactly is going on. This wouldn’t exactly be “hard”, it’s as simple as giving a kid a packet on presidency or, even class presidency. In these trying times, we MUST educate our current youth on the most important things, this type of opinion changes the world around them, and our world as we know it.

Now, like our parents, some news sources have strong opinions on things and it alters the way they broadcast their information. Sometimes, it becomes so unyielding, it isn’t even the news anymore… it’s just some random person’s ideas about how the country is being led, or why, “it wasn’t their fault”. Now, it has been a whirlwind…precisely the most confusing 4 years ever, but honestly. I think what this country was built on will stand its ground. I think in the end, every time,  America wins.

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