Help is just a hand away

BY GABI ISENBERG- The term ‘help’ is very broad.  Is it helping someone physically, mentally, emotionally, or academically?  All types of help can be found at school. Many schools focus on mental health, so much so that some schools even hire a full time psychotherapist or shrink. 

 Many students have questions about what to do if they need mental help. If someone is too nervous to go to a school counselor for help or to get help at home, where can they get it? If they need help, does it mean there is something wrong with them? This is the thought process that can run through many students’ minds.

School counselors, guardians, and even teachers all make it their interest to help with any problems students might be having. They now mental health’s effects on performance in school and sports. This website,, said,“Education professionals have recognized the impact that a student’s mental health has on learning and achievement, and they realize that there’s a great deal that can be done to help students.” 

Adults strive to do what is best for students, but the students ultimately know what will work for them.  IJHS has a guidance program that can help any student(s) that need someone to talk to.

Jayla Peterson (6) said, “It can help me get through things.” 

“It could help my friends if they’re being bullied,” said Ella Fleming (7) 

 Some students tend to hide away from the fact that they need to talk to someone or get help; they may think that they are weak or that something is wrong with them if they have to get help.  Getting help doesn’t mean that there is something wrong with someone, it just means that their brain is dealing with something and it needs help getting through it. Lots of people go to therapy or counseling to help them as well.  IJHS urges students not to be weary of getting help, but to open it with open arms. Getting help may not only help you but also encourage others that need help to get it.

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