8th Graders look forward to a capital trip

By DELIA SALSER–The Washington D.C. field trip for 8th graders is coming up on May 15, 2020. Students will have the opportunity to take one school day to go to Washington D.C., Maryland.  Students will go on tours and will be able to see memorials. For students to be able to go on the trip, they returned their medical form, application, and $50 deposit. Students’ parents wanting the chance to chaperone put in their names earlier this month.

The ride to D.C. is several hours long.  Some things that students may want to bring with them on this trip is, entertainment for the bus, extra money for souvenirs, a hoodie/jacket, (etc.). For entertainment, some ideas of things that students could bring is a phone or tablet, a book, any small car games, or anything else that would keep them entertained while not distract others as well. Students could always sleep as well.

 Students will be asked to write down a couple names of other students that they would like to be in a group with, and even if students are not with all of the people written down, teachers will try to make sure they are with at least one of them. This will be taking place in all math classes after the form for everyone who wants to go has been confirmed and sent in. Students must report directly to the cafeteria no later than 5:15 AM, allowing time to check everyone in. Students must be there on time, or the buses will leave without them, and there are no refunds. The bus will leave at precisely 5:30 a.m.  Students are asked to make sure that all of this information gets across to their parents/guardians.

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