Hat’s off to U-14 hockey team


photo by Colin Knickle

By ABIGAIL DESALVO– On Monday, January 20, the Indiana Chiefs celebrated their win of the congressional cup, against the Amherst Knights.  They won in overtime 3-2 after a season losing streak of 0-15 and three ties.

The team is 14U and led by Travis Trowbridge and John Mock.  The team is a traveling team meaning they play away games. They practice at S&T Bank Arena, and their few home games are at S&T Bank Arena.  The team members are: Sebastien Sedan, Nate Wood, Cole Amsler, Gianna Brody, Ash Lockard, Carter Mock, Philip Bell, Joey Hunter, Jayden Learn, Jaiden Myers, Gabriel Nettleton, Denton Park, Kayden Park, Sebastian Waugaman, and Landin Wilson.  All members but two shaved their heads to celebrate their win. Sebastien Sedan is keeping his hair and Gianna Brody is bleaching her’s. The Chief’s next Championship is February [insert date] at the S&T Bank Arena.

Nate Wood announced, “[If we win again, whether we shave our heads again, it]  depends, or maybe something else. If we win our next tournament, this is probably going to be a tradition.”

Nate Wood (8) said, “[shaving our heads] together as a team, I could care less, honestly.”

“Independently,” said Cole Amsler (8),”It’d be embarrassing, but together as a team, it’s better.”

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