Students worry about school safety

BY CONNOR ROHLF — 2019 has been a dark year when it comes to shootings. Since January 1, there have been 15 reports. To put that into perspective, that’s about 1 shooting everyday. As a result, some people are worried to leave their houses, or always on edge, unable to relax.

With school starting up again, the threat of school shootings arises again. Some people will be superstitious or there maybe some who are nonchalant about the matter. Nonetheless, this is a very serious topic. People’s lives are at risk everyday.

Bella Ball (6th) said, “You see it a lot more on the news, and it’s just like, wow.”

Students were also told about the surprising number of shootings there has been this year alone. One shooting occurred in Chicago on August 25 just after the IASD school year began. IJHS students reacted with shock.

Micheal J (8th) put his thought into this matter. “You never know when it’s going to happen…you never really do feel safe”.

Since school can be a very dramatic place, and people can be upset about friendships, there is a definite chance that it may trigger aggression. When we asked if the school is doing enough to prevent this, students told us what they thought.

“I like the fact that you have to go to the office and call for people to come in, they don’t let people in unless they know who they are,” said Addison McAfee (6th)

Overall, students seem to be very aware of this issue. This is a tremendous issue, and with the number of shootings climbing heights. If we don’t do something about this issue soon, we could be in a constant state of fear, becoming isolant. SOme will never want to do anything out in public. Thus, causing a complete lifestyle change. If we want to feel safer, we need to take one step. That one step is working on stopping shootings and making our country one step closer to relative peace.

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