Is it a trick or treat?

By IZZY YUHAS–  Year after year, children are warned to check their candy for razors, drugs, poisons, and even maggots that are hidden in halloween candy.  Yearly, cases of candy being laced with drugs make some parents too worried to even allow their children to go trick-or-treating. Already this year, Boston police have released a warning about “‘Spongebob’ looking candy” that is laced with drugs. 

The fright that is connected to these events started around the 1950’s and continues to terrorize citizens today. The chain of cases all started with a man lacing drugs into childrens’ candy, and even today the case is copied by other people.

Along with drugs being laced, there are myths about people sticking razors or other sharp objects into candy.  Every year, cases similar to this pop up on the internet with common warning.  

“Yes, I’ve heard stories about this,” Korbin Erickson (8) says, “but I do think it’s just a myth to scare kids.”

 Sofia Wiggins (8) says “Yes, but I’ve never been scared of them.”

Most reports of drugs and sharp objects in candy turn out to be urban legends or myths. It does not help that the first few cases were set ups.

There’s no need to be scared when trick or treating; students just need to be sure to still follow street safety and be cautious of strangers. Most of the time, candy tampering is a hoax.  Common sense and carefully checking of all treats before indulging are all that are need to have a safe and happy Halloween.


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