Paper beats technology

BY GABI ISENBERG – The IJHS is home to many useful resources, and one of those are online textbooks. 

Instead of hauling around heavy textbooks to classes, some may think that online books are a better alternative, teachers included.  Everything in this day and age is digital, but some students  prefer actual hardback textbooks. Sophia Scardina (6), is one of them.  

“[I p]robably [prefer] real textbooks just because I can flip to my page easily and highlight or underline. I don’t use my online textbooks a lot, but when I do, I don’t think they help me that much”

On the other hand, some people enjoy online textbooks better and think that they help them as students, including this 7th grader, Gavin Dunmire. “ I prefer online textbooks because they take up less space in your pile of things and you can access them from almost anywhere. I do think that online textbooks help me because if for some reason I can’t finish my work in class, I can finish it at home where I have computer access.” 

The Indiana Area School District’s Technology Services web page states, ‘Indiana Area School District continually develops and infuses meaningful instructional technology into the education of PreK-12 students. Properly utilized instructional technology should engage the student and facilitate learning of curriculum. Resources in the form of devices and digital tools are essential as is sustained professional development.”

Sarah Genchur (6) agrees  that technology has an important place in students’ lives. “because it’s just easier to use technology.” 

 Mrs. katie Woodrow, a 6th-grade science and social studies teacher, also thinks that online text books are helpful.

“ I think that having multiple or different versions of a text are beneficial. I think that some kids are really tech-savvy and they enjoy being able to use their textbook that way. I just think that technology is where we’re heading and it makes life much easier, obviously than carrying around a big heavy book. As long as the sources are there for us to use, then I think it’s great!” 

Online and real textbooks are only a fraction of the wonderful benefits that the IJHS has and students can use them to their advantage.


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